In our modern world, it sometimes feels that humanity is hard to find. But if you really look for it, there are still examples of humanity in our daily lives. In fact, 80% of people believe that we have a responsibility to help others, and 83% of people believe in the good of mankind. Clearly, people are still helping others, striving for equality and kindness. If ever you feel like there isn’t enough humanity in the world, check out these stories about humanity that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 

Elderly sacrifice for the sake of the youth 

Following the nuclear incident in Fukushima in 2011, a group of 200 Japanese pensioners volunteered to take on the tasks of working in the area. They agreed to face the dangers of the high levels of radiation despite the risk, knowing that the cancer they could develop from the radiation would take up to 30 years to develop. This meant they would be unlikely to be alive by the time cancer took hold, whereas younger workers would have suffered throughout their lives. The group of pensioners called themselves the Skilled Veterans Corp and were all over the age of 60. 

Whale rescue service


It’s no secret that whales are pretty big animals, and long-finned pilot whales can even weigh as much as 5,000 pounds! Somehow, though, that didn’t stop a group of 58 volunteers from saving 17 long-finned pilot whales from Hamelin Bay in 2009. The volunteers rushed to get the mass stranded whales back into the sea, keeping them comfy on the beach until they were able to guide them back out to the water. It really boosts your faith in humanity, doesn’t it? 

Candy bomber for German children 

Gail “Hal” Halvorsen brought smiles to children’s faces during a lovely gesture of humanity and kindness during the Berlin airlift. At the age of 27, the lieutenant embarked on a mission that took him to what was then East and West Berlin. The Soviets controlled East Germany, and The Allies controlled the West. In the early days of The Cold War between the US and the USSR, the Soviets enforced a blockade which led to the US delivering goods to West Berlin by plane. There were over 200,000 flights into Berlin, 190 of which were piloted by Hal. 

During one of his flights, Hal encountered a group of children who were clearly hungry. He offered them all he had – 2 pieces of gum. The children were bewildered and enthralled, and Hal promised to bring them chocolate and candy the next day. He returned to his base and collected sweet rations and the next day dropped mini-parachutes of candy made of handkerchiefs down to the children. These children were starving and had never had candy before. They also, until that moment, had only had negative experiences with The Allies, who in their eyes, had bombed their homes. Hal’s actions were step one in healing wounds across the world and brought joy to children living in a warzone. 

Heroic Rescue in a Fiery Car Crash

When a car crash trapped one man beneath its fiery body in 2011, the people around him risked their own lives to save him. They showed selflessness, teamwork, and ultimately, humanity, as they worked together to lift the car. They didn’t think about how dangerous it might be for themselves. They only thought about the man underneath the car.

In a situation where there was a serious risk of explosion, these people risked their own lives to help another stranger. This act shows how much we care about each other as human beings and what we can do when someone needs our assistance!

Make your own stories about humanity 

These stories are all adorably sweet and show that humanity is still around. People aren’t all bad. If you loved reading these tales, maybe consider doing your own acts of kindness – even tiny things like buying the person behind you’s coffee in the morning or offering to buy someone sleeping on the streets dinner or a new sleeping bag. You never know how much your little act of kindness will do to restore someone’s faith in humanity.

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