Checkout our personal growth podcast. Using the virtue building bricks, you can build your personal bunkers to help keep negativity our of your lives!

A metaphorical bunker that is a growth-fostering space for people around the world who wish to thrive.

That’s how we started building a community – a community of people who want to beat survival-mode existence and thrive.  Of people who want the best of the human experience, who are willing to go all out to build the life of their dreams, everyday.


We eat, breath, and live stream from our 64,000 sq/ft Cold War Nuclear Bunker to bring you what you need to know to be prepared in trying times.

Chemical, biological, or nuclear, we believe in being prepared for emergency scenarios from where ever you are. While we have the added advantage of being safely underground, we can help show you how to be prepared in modern day terms. Finances, food, health, attitude, family, friends, and technology, all have their weaknesses if you do not manage them with preparedness in mind.

Yeah it’s serious, this is life! Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it though! Let’s share some laughs together as we learn. Let’s put out some challenges to each other while we grow. It’s not the destination that counts, but the journey!

Enter The Bunker
Commissioned in 1959 and completed in 1964, the debert diefenbunker is one of 6 regional fallout shelters built by the federal government.

47 Lockheed Crescent
Debert, NS  B0M 1G0

T. (902) 324-9264E. [email protected]