Team Building

Please note During the COVID 19 shutdown, we needed to reinvent the concept of the bunker as a space for positivity; taking something that stoked fear and turning it into something more.

We have since re-evaluated the business model of The Bunker and are close to being able to launch that new model. As a result, we won’t be fully opening to the public, however will be adopting a VIP Membership approach, which will grant access to all the bunker has to offer.

We invite you to go to and sign up for our newsletter. Details of the VIP Membership will be provided via the newsletter as soon as we are ready to put it in place!

Whether a sports team, or corporate event, The Bunker is perfect for your next team building event.  With VIP access to tourslaser tag  and the escape rooms at the bunker and three rooms to choose from, you can be sure your team will leave stronger, smarter and more cohesive.

Premium Lounge

Our Premium Lounge was once the cafeteria of the bunker, but we transformed it into a cozy space with couches, a ping pong table, eating areas and a 4K projector that spans out to 203 inches – perfect for movies or games!

Echo/Party Room

A cozy conference room right off the front entry way of the building, it is equipped with a flat screen tv mounted on the wall.  Seats up to 16 people.

Conference Room

Slightly larger than the echo/party room, the conference room is tucked away off the staff kitchen and seats up to 12 people. Equipped with a flat screen TV mounted on the wall and a large white board.

Contact us for more details and booking.