Wisdom – The Fruits of my Educational Labour

I went to school.

Graduated with honours from high school.  Early acceptance into university.  College after that.  Various other courses and classes since then.  

But does that make me full of wisdom?

No.  It makes me educated.  It makes me book smart.  But it most certainly doesn’t make me wise.

For example, my accumulated learning has taught me some foods we think of as vegetables are actually fruits. Like the tomato.  Did you know that it is a fruit?  If not, you’re welcome.  If you did, congratulations.  Either way, you have knowledge.

However, knowledge can only take you so far.  It’s how you apply that knowledge that really matters.  And that is where wisdom comes in.

Let’s say I am going to make a fruit salad.  Apples.  Grapes.  Pineapples.  Sounds delicious so far.  Let’s add some honeydew and cantaloupe.  Yum!  Strawberries?  Bring it on!  Tomatoes, peas and peppers?  Ummm….hold on a second!

Yes, tomatoes, peas and peppers are fruits.  The technical definition of a fruit is the seed-bearing structure of a flowering plant.  The fruit is what disseminates the seeds in a flowering plant.  So let’s take inventory.

Tomatoes?  Yes they have seeds.

Peppers?  Everything from bell peppers to jalapenos have seeds.

Peas?  The pod is considered the fruit, and the pea itself is the seed.  So yes!

But you wouldn’t put them in fruit salad would you?

And that is wisdom.  


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