TLDR; Join our live stream of fun challenges empowering people until we can open to the physical bunker to the public.

On March 16th, 2020 we announced the closure of Enter the Bunker to the public. During that time all staff had to be laid off. What the government imposed as a measure to be taken for weeks, turned into months. This event of course lead to the downturn in the economy which has lead to countless job losses and many businesses which have now gone bankrupt.

In these kind of circumstances, under a regime change, it means we cannot go forward and expect certain things as the norm. Thus the term ‘the new normal’ was born.

While we have adhered to all government issued orders as per the imposed lockdown initiated through the Emergency Health Act instrument, as of today there has been a relaxation of these orders. Some businesses have attempted to reopen while doing there best to follow the procedures, recommendations, and requirements set out by the government. However, under the current conditions, we do not see a viable means of being able to reopen in a way that will satisfy government regulations, and satisfy the needs of a public burdened with protecting itself from an unseen novel virus.

If there is one thing we have observed through out this pandemic, it is that society in its current form was not prepared for such an event, despite this happening numerous times every few years with such cases as H1N1. The response to this pandemic unlike ones of the past is unparalleled. The impact to the economic outlook of societies has it’s only comparison to the 1930s Great Depression. It’s psychological imprint on this generation has jaded the outlook of future prospects.

It is with an eagle eye view of the world that we recognized the need to reach out and help people world wide and become the HQ this bunker was designed to be. We started our live streaming once we were able to have a minimal amount of staff come to the bunker and have started to build a community worldwide that can join us in fun challenges empowering people in all aspects of life.

We anticipate the impact of this pandemic to continue to be felt through out the rest of this year, and likely into early next. Until that time, we will only be available via our live stream. Once we have a clear view of the dangers we are facing in the current conditions, we will then determine how and when the bunker will be opened to the public again for experiences and other events. Until then, we recommend joining us in our regularly scheduled live streaming Enter the Bunker Youtube channel to help challenge yourself to improve your situation in today’s world.

Together we can challenge each other to build a better world for ourselves and generations to come.

Stay Strong,

Jonathan Baha’i
Enter the Bunker