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    Welcome to Enter the Bunker. A place where we hope to help you thrive, and not just survive.

    The world can be a strange place, especially now. Every week we will discuss a new building brick, which you can use to improve your life. We will also share tips and tricks on how to use these building bricks. Finally, we will share personal stories (or maybe just fun stories) relating to each building brick as well.

    My name is Michael (or Mike if you prefer) and I am one of the people behind the scenes here at Enter The Bunker. When all is said and done, you may end up knowing me pretty well, maybe even more than I was originally comfortable with. But part of thriving, is pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

    So here goes! Drop a line here and introduce yourself to the community at Enter the Bunker!

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    Hi Mike and everyone!

    I used to be a regular in the chat during the streams. At the beginning of August last year, I decided to take on a new challenge moving from a Merchandising role for the company I am employed with, to an IT role and it has been keeping me very busy (especially around stream time). I can honestly say however that I have been thriving and enjoying my new career path.

    I was excited to see the announcement of this new message board and happy that everyone at ETB is continuing to innovate and inspire others!

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    HI Stewie! I am happy to hear that you are thriving in your new role!

    Thanks for joining our community here! As you can see, it’s new and growing, but we are excited for it to become a place where we can all come to thrive

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