Why is finding serenity important?

Serenity, or peace of mind, can make us feel more at ease, less stressed, more prepared for any daily struggles or concerns, and it can even make us kinder to ourselves.

 Otherwise, you may find yourself developing symptoms of anxiety and stress. These can manifest in a range of ways; you might notice sleep issues, fatigue, and irritability. These may then further develop into physical ailments like stomach pains. Alongside these symptoms, you may also notice an inability to concentrate, which can exacerbate the stress and anxiety you’re already feeling.

 Holding on to negative emotions such as this stress or anger can also lead to emotional fatigue, and can even be a contributing factor to poor heart health, depression, and anxiety.

 Why is it hard to stay in a state of serenity?

Our lives are so busy, that even if you manage to find a state of serenity, it can be incredibly difficult to live your life in a way that keeps that feeling around. A lot of us find ourselves working long hours, or even multiple jobs, on top of trying to live our normal lives. Between work, socializing, and finding enough time to eat, sleep and rest, it’s no surprise that a lot of us are stressed!

And finally, of course, there is the news. There is always bad news to be shared, and every news outlet will do their best to make sure we all know about it. From foreign wars to economic catastrophes, it is almost impossible to avoid bad news on a daily basis.

But it isn’t just the lack of time that stops us from finding serenity. Even when we do have a few minutes to ourselves, we tend to spend it ‘switched on’, rather than allowing ourselves to ‘switch off’. We sit in front of the television or social media instead. The latter is by far the worst when we’re talking about what stops us from feeling serene. It is full of people sharing everything fantastic in their lives. Pictures of their holidays to Bali, updates about their new house, new pay rise, new fiancé… Whilst we’re using our 10 spare minutes to scroll through Instagram before we move on to the next task. It’s hard not to develop a negative outlook on our own lives.  

What can we do to find serenity?

If you’re looking to find a moment of calm, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin. We are constantly bombarded with tips and tricks for mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation – but which ones actually work? There are so many ways to introduce a sense of serenity to your life, from daily habits to words of affirmation. But not everything will work for everyone! Some of the simplest ways to relax and remain serene are by:

Relinquishing control

 There are things in life that we just cannot stop from happening. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes events and issues pop up that we wish we could stop in their tracks. But focusing on these elements of our lives just leads to more stress. It’s normal to worry about someone you love falling ill or to stress about your rent increase, but if we let ourselves fixate on these negative events, the negative emotions will begin to impact our daily lives and, ultimately, will disturb our peace. Try to accept that you can’t control everything, and practice words of affirmation to help you calm down. Repeating phrases like “I’ve done all I can, things will be alright”, or “I feel distressed right now, but that feeling will pass” can help you reframe the situation in a more positive light.

Embracing nature

Is life difficult right now? Perhaps you’ve just received bad news, or it’s been a particularly grueling day? Rather than spend your spare time scrolling through Instagram, why not head out into the world. Fresh air and exercise can help boost our mood by releasing mood-boosting endorphins, and breaking yourself away from negativity will help you stay calm and serene.

Have a tidy up 

Have you ever heard the phrase “tidy home, tidy mind”? Well, there is truth behind it. It is hard to relax somewhere messy and cluttered. If you’re looking for a quick way to relax, try tidying a room. The process of tidying will help you take your mind off of whatever negativity you’re feeling, and the feeling of success that comes with finishing the job will reinforce positive emotions.

How to live a serene life

It is much easier to be calm and serene on a daily basis if you introduce habitual changes into your life. Whilst practicing meditation, mindfulness, and other behaviors can quickly calm you down, it’s even better to not need to be calmed down in the first place. There are habits that you can introduce into your life in order to guarantee your inner peace, like making sure you remain thankful. This helps you focus on the positives in your life and helps you to acknowledge all the good things, ultimately leading to a happier outlook. 

You can also introduce a new goal of being kind to others. Not only will this improve the relationships in your life, but you’ll be more likely to like yourself. You’ll also find people give back the same energy that they receive; being kind will mean people are kinder to you. The way people treat you can have a big impact on your mood and the emotions you feel, and if you surround yourself with kindness, you’re much more likely to feel at peace with your life than if those around you are spiteful and cold.

Other daily habits could be as little as having a relaxing morning ritual or working on the way you react to stress. It becomes much easier to remain serene if you know you’ll be able to handle whatever life throws at you.

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