Only One Will Survive When The Missiles Launch!

Can You Handle the Pressure of Nuclear Annihilation?

Test your wits in a race to avert nuclear disaster in this immersive, Cold War themed pair of world-class escape rooms. Built in partnership with Mind Hack Room Escape and Escape Artists Halifax, these rooms were crafted with the expertise of seasoned professionals in a setting unlike any other. Deep inside a real, top-secret, Cold War era nuclear bunker, you’ll feel like you really are in 1969, fighting to save the world from atomic annihilation.

And, in a unique twist, these rooms are competitive! We have two, nearly-identical rooms: one USA, the other USSR. Bring your friends and find out who really is the escape room master by going head-to-head in a race against time.

Can you keep the Cold War cold?

For 4-16 players.


The year is 1969:

Increased tensions between global superpowers the USA and the USSR has resulted in a cold war. Now the world hovers on the brink of nuclear disaster, with both nations evenly matched. The USA thought they gained the advantage when they invented a top secret computer, called Mother. But Soviet spies managed to get their hands on the blueprints, and now the USSR has an identical computer ready to launch an attack at any moment.

It’s a stalemate – both nations wield weapons of mass destruction. With fingers poised over launch buttons, who will break first and turn the cold war hot?

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