At the end of a quiet suburban street is a house like any other. The blinds are always drawn, the owner seldom seen. You never think it could happen in your neighbourhood, but you always had some odd feeling when ever you passed by The House at the End of the Street.


A Sendup of Classic Slasher Flicks

The newest escape room by Enter the Bunker, The House at the End of the Street is an homage to true crime and slasher flicks of the 1970s. Fans of the podcast My Favorite Murder, or of movies such as The Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, or When a Stranger Calls, will love this deviously challenging puzzle experience. 

More than One Way to Win

Among the most exciting details of this new experience is the extra challenge it provides. With two ways to win, this room will keep you on your toes and keep you wracking your brain until the very last second. Will you escape the killer’s lair unscathed, but with the knowledge he is still out there? Or will you find the evidence needed to hold him accountable for all his crimes? 


Find out, at the House at the End of the Street Escape Room

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