Which happens to be a
massive 64,000 sq. ft. building
that functions 40 ft. underground!

Enter the bunker

In the days of the Cold War, the Debert Diefenbunker (THE BUNKER) was built to provide shelter and protection from a nuclear attack.
At the time, it was a symbol of fear and uncertainty; those living and working within would be in survival mode extreme.

Enter the bunker
Enter the bunker
Enter the bunker

When Jonathan Baha'i acquired the bunker, he had a grand vision of rewriting its story - of changing what the bunker stood for.
Adapting the bunker into a **symbol of hope, positivity and perseverance from one of fear and hopelessness.

Enter the bunker
Enter the bunker
Enter the bunker

The bunker became a hub of entertainment.
Housing Laser Tag, Escape Rooms, and the History of this massive underground building.
Creating experiences for teams and families, the Bunker was becoming a space for joy.

Enter the bunker

We had achieved the goal, happiness in the bunker!
But in 2020 the pandemic had ulterior motives.

While the world was changing around us and closing their doors, the Bunker crew decided to embrace the new regulations and face the challenges of the pandemic head on.

Closing the doors physically but opening up to the digital world. The next chapter of the bunker included live streams and chats with their community to keep everyone entertained while stuck at home.

Enter the bunker
Enter the bunker
Enter the bunker

Our audience laughed along with us while we attempted crazy challenges, but the times called for more.
The waves of negativity flooding the world and people stranded questioning their lives. The Bunker Crew questioned:

"How can we use this time wisely and grow into our best selves? "


...for ourselves,
and for all those who
want more from their lives.
For you, yes, YOU!

Enter the bunker

That's how we started building a community - a community of people who want to beat survival-mode existence and thrive.
Of people who want the best of the human experience, who are willing to go all out and build the life of their dreams, everyday.

Currently, the Bunker is the epicenter of something bigger than itself, a metaphorical massive Bunker that is a growth-fostering space for people around the world who wish to thrive.

And we're thrilled to invite YOU to be a part of it.